Kumihimo Urushi Pen

Kumihimo Urushi Pen
(Tokyo Kumihimo × Tsugaru Urushi)

“The world's first Kumihimo Pen”

Tokyo Kumihimo (Braided Cords) is the technique of weaving silk threads to create a braid using a traditional braiding loom.

The craftsman of Tokyo Kumihimo, Ryuta Fukuda wants people from overseas to use the Kumihimo.
How can foreign people use the Kumihimo on a daily basis? This pen was born from this feeling.

For developing a pen, he devised a hollow dual structure for the first time in the history of Kumihimo's in 1,400 years.

A tubular hollow structure braid is used so that the core of the pen can be stored.

Collaboration with Tsugaru Urushi

Tsugaru urushi(Japan/lacquer) is applied to the pen tip, and gloss increases as you use it, it gets tasty deeply. This pen is a fine piece of the gift for an important person.

Kumihimo Urushi Pen has 4 colors

"With five olympic color Odamaki"
■ Body color: White
■ Tassel color: Red
■ Pen tip: Tsugaru Urushi

■ Body color: Navy blue and White
■ Tassel color: Gold
■ Pen tip: Tsugaru Urushi

■ Body color: Black, Gold and White
■ Tassel color: Black
■ Pen tip: Tsugaru Urushi

■ Body color: Red and White
■ Tassel color: Red
■ Pen tip: Tsugaru Urushi

Feature of Product

Feature 1:
Realized the hollow double layer structure for the first time in Kumihomo's 1400 years history

Feature 2:
Use pure silk thread

Feature 3:
Collaboration with Tsugaru Urushi using traditional lacquering technique

Product Details

※Pen Holder is sold separately※

"Kumihimo Urushi Pen"
■ Size: L180mm
■ Material: silk, lacquer, brass
■ Core: SA-14CN made by uni
(SA-5CN, SA-7CN, SA-10CN available)

"Pen Holder"
■ Size : L50mm
■ Weight: about 285 grams
■ Material : lacquer, brass

■ Tokyo Kumihimo (Braided Cords) / RYUKOBO Co.,Ltd./ Takashi Fukuda and Ryuta Fukuda
Bands of his workshop are loved by the royal family, the Kabuki world and the tea ceremony world.
In addition to "banding", they challenge themselves day by day to make products to keep using Kumihimo in the future.

■ Tsugaru Urushi/Ishioka Handcraft/Kenichi Ishioka
"Make simple and easy to use"
Work on product creation under the concept of making lacquerware easier and casual.
Continue activities to pursue the form of a new lacquer ware from Aomori that is not locked by the frame of lacquerware.