【国際交流 Vol.2】

【国際交流 Vol.2】(English follows the Japanese)
9月28日に麻布十番の日本語学校Coto Japanese Clubにて、伝統技術を紹介するイベントを開催させて頂きました。


伝統文化というコンテンツが海外と日本をつなぐきっかけになるのではとの想いから、Coto Japanese Clubの代表である渡部さんのご理解を頂き、イベントを実施させて頂きました。



<We held a cultural exchange party>
We held an event for introducing traditional Japanese culture on last Friday at the Azabujuban Japanese Language School Coto Japanese Club.

We introduced the history and products of Kumihimo, with demonstration by Ryuta Fukuda of Ryukobo who is a craftsman of Tokyo Kumihimo.

We thought that the content of traditional culture will connect oversea and Japan, so we held an event.

It was impressive that the Japanese staff also got pleasure to know Japanese traditional.
I would like to hold an event that you can communicate with craftsman in the future too.

Please send me a message if you would like me to hold it even in your place.


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